Books by Value: VIRTUE

I thought finding children's books about Virtue would be hard; but I had know idea how challenging it would actually prove to be. 

I thought about giving up and skipping this value...but I know how important it is  to teach our children about virtue, and how hard it can be because of the sensitive nature of the subject.

So I broadened my view of the word, and found books that emit the essence of virtue. 

So, let's talk about that for a sec. Virtue is defined as "behavior showing high moral standards." In the LDS Young Women's program Virtue is more specifically described as remaining pure and worthy to enter the Temple of the Lord, which includes remaining sexually pure before marriage. 

Instead of focusing solely on that later part, I focused on the broader portions of the word: high moral standards and temples. Don't get me wrong, picture books are still hard to find even using those definitions of virtue, BUT it did lead me to a few other books I wouldn't have included otherwise.

The Squire and the Scroll

 I haven't actually read this book, but it came highly recommended by a friend and gets excellent reviews. It is about a young squire who is doing his duty of accompanying a knight on a dangerous journey. He comes to battle with a dragon and learns what it will take to keep his heart pure from evil. He learns how especially important it is to guard your heart from what you hear and see. This book is meant to be a lesson about virtue and purity in a parable-like story. It could lead to great discussions about pornography, bad music, and staying morally clean.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures

This book tells the story of a mom and dad who teach their child about pornography, why it is dangerous, and how to avoid it/turn away. It uses simple science and metaphors to help children "porn-proof their own brains."

In today's world pornography is so prevalent and, unfortunately, mainstream. It is becoming increasingly important that we help our children porn-proof their brains. Children are encountering pornography at younger and younger ages... despite all our efforts to help them avoid it. The best way to keep our children safe is to teach before they encounter it. It is also important that our kids know that if they do encounter it... on accident, through force, or on purpose, that it is OK for them to come talk to us about it... In fact that is the best thing they can do. This book can help establish that communication between parents and child and is an important step in keeping our kids safe from the dangers of an immoral world.

I haven't actually read this one either (I'm still hold like 20-something at my library!) But it came recommended by so many neighbors, I had to post it here!

Girls Who Choose God

These books tell the stories of women from The Bible and The Book of Mormon who are great examples for our daughters (and sons). They choose God. They are righteous. They are strong. And they are examples of women with high moral standards. 

Many women in these books of scripture aren't called by name. But this book still calls our attention to these powerful women that we can draw strength and courage from in this crazy world (and I love that about it!). One of my favorites in the Girls Who Choose God: Book of Mormon Edition is the "women who clapped for joy." These are the women that when the prophet Alma was teaching the gospel of Christ they gathered around (despite the dangers), and were baptized as members of Christ's church. During this time it was very risky to be a believer, but they didn't fear. They made the choice to have faith and be baptized. They are great examples of having moral courage. 

There are so many other examples of women just like this in these two books. I'm so excited to read these stories to my daughter so we can both draw strength from women in the scriptures and learn from them. 

My Home Can be a Holy Place

This cute book tells the story of a little girl named Lilly who is helping to make her home a holy place by the things she does throughout the day. It shows her saying prayers with her family, making good decisions, keeping the sabbath day holy, sharing the gospel, being a loving sister, reading the scriptures, and looking towards the temple. 

Having your home be a holy place where the spirit of the Lord can reside is an important step to keeping yourself morally clean. Lilly is taking those steps to remain clean and worthy to one day enter the Temple of the Lord (and she has that in her sites!) and your children can too by following Lilly's Example. 

Out of the Ashes

This lovely book is about the new Provo City Center LDS Temple. It was a historic tabernacle that was destroyed by fire. This book tells the story of how this temple came to be by incorporating different generations of a family. This book teaches us to set our sights on the temple and always keep the temple on our minds. This can help us to remain clean and worthy to enter the temple one day. 

I Love to See the Temple

This simple board book follows the LDS Primary Song "I love to see the temple." It also has facts and pictures about different temples. This book is fun for young kids to look at the pictures and think about Jesus and the temple. By helping our children remember the temple at a young age they will be better prepared to face the temptations of the world with a strong heart and a clear sightline to the temple. 

The Yellow Star

This book isn't what most would consider a book about Virtue, but bear with me as I explain where I'm coming from with this one.

This book isn't about Virtue in the normal sense of the word, but it is about "moral courage" which is a very important part of living a virtuous life. 

It tells the story of a legend that involves Denmark during WWII. The Jews in Denmark were told by the Nazis that they needed to wear yellow stars. The king knows that the Jews in his kingdom are simply Danes that worship God differently. He asks himself "if you wish to hide a star...where would you place it?" In the end the whole kingdom places yellow stars on their clothing so there were only Danes. 

The king and his people had moral courage to stand up for their brothers and sisters and their rights. To live a virtuous life in today's world, you will have to do things that aren't always the popular choices. You will "wear" through your countenance and your dress symbols of your faith in God that may make you stand out from the crowd. Our children need to have the moral courage to take that stand just like these Danes took a stand for their neighbors

If you want to learn more about VIRTUE I encourage you to read this post (a review of the book A Return to Virtue by Elaine S. Dalton)

What books about virtue are on your list? 
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