Tips for Introverts at ALT Summit

This year was my first year at Altitude Summit (aka: ALT or ALT summit) a blogging conference. My group's party was chosen for the conference (more on that coming up soon) and because of that we were able to get free tickets to ALT (such a blessing- I never would have been able to go otherwise!)

Overall, I had some good takeaways from ALT, and met a lot of great people... but as an introvert it was TOUGH! I often felt overwhelmed and exhausted and struggled with recharging each night. I'm the kind of introvert that can be social (though I'm never going to be the most social person in the room), but I get my energy from being alone. I feel drained quickly when being social and feel overwhelmed in large groups of people. 

After this year of ALT summit, I wondered what I could contribute to the many posts about ALT. Then I realized that I should write the post I wish I had read before I first attended:
  Tips for Introverts at ALT Summit.

These tips come from my personal experience at ALT this year and are a mix of (1) Things I did that helped me, and (2) things I wish I had done that would have helped more.

1. Take time for breaks

Go through the schedule and class descriptions before ALT summit begins. Check off the classes you really want to go to. You may find that there are some class periods where you're not interested in any of the classes being held (I know there was for me). Give yourself permission during these time to head back to your room (or find a quiet comfy chair in the hall) to refresh, and recharge, and get ready for the next bit of socializing. As the week goes on you will likely find that you need more breaks during the day than you did the first day... that's OK! Take the time that you need to be your best self. 

Also, if you're in a class and not feeling it, don't be afraid to walk out, head to another class or take a break. It's TOTALLY ok! Go with what's vibes to you and put yourself first. 

2. Schedule a recovery period

Schedule about a week of recovery for after ALT. As an introvert I was SO exhausted after ALT summit... I know everyone's tired but I was so overwhelmed/drained from all the socializing I had done that week that it took me another week to recover. Write and schedule blog posts before you go and block out your schedule for the next week. This will give you time to recover & recharge, play with your kids, and digest all the things you learned at ALT!

3. Make a "must talk to" list

ALT Summit does a good job of letting you know beforehand what sponsors and speakers are going to be at the event, and they even sent out a chatbooks for events of the attendees. Pick out your "must-talk-to" sponsors, speakers, and attendees ahead of time so you can put your most social side forward with them. 

4.  You don't have to talk to EVERYBODY

Standing in line, walking through the halls, sitting next to someone in class... there are TONS of places to meet new people at ALT! As an introvert that can be hecka overwhelming! When you do get a burst of social energy go ahead and talk to everybody and anybody... but if you're at a point where you're struggling, it's important to give yourself permission that you don't have to talk to everybody.

5. Get your own room

Don't get me wrong.... I love each and every one of the roommates I had. They are some of the best people ever (and one of them is my sister)... but after a day of socializing and the difficulty I have sleeping, I wish I had gotten my own hotel room. 

You can get an adjoining room or even hang out in a friend's room until you're ready to clock-out... but once you're ready to go to sleep it's nice to have a place to yourself where your introvert-ness can fully recover. It's also nice during breaks if you go back to your room and don't have roommates to socialize with more ;)

If you can't afford your own room try just getting one roommate, or staying at a cheaper hotel nearby. 

I hope these tips help the introverts that will be attending ALT summit in the future! 

Are you an introvert that has attended ALT summit? Go ahead and share your best tip in the comments!

Happy Reading,

photos by ALT Summit



  1. Great tips! I definitely found myself taking "breathers" in my room a few times a day while I was at Alt. I think regrouping is smart and so important!

  2. Thank you for this post Cami! Even though I don't have any intentions of attending ALT soon, I found it a very insightful read with great tips. I feel like I have been in denial about being an introvert for my whole life. And now I feel so happy to just embrace that sometimes I would rather just snuggle at home and read than go out with the girls! (There I said it!)

  3. I love this post! I've only ever been to one blog conference but it was definitely a struggle as an introvert! My husband laughed at me when I packed a book, but I needed to be prepared to hide in a bathroom and read in case it was all too much. I had a fun time, but it was definitely a lot for me to handle! Totally agree about needing a recovery week afterward!


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