DIY Mini Potted Mandrake

One evening while my husband was out of town, I was inspired by this instagram photo...

 after I saw this I knew I just had to have a Mini Mandrake for my bookshelf! Within minutes I had managed to get my two-year-old in the car, and was off to track down the supplies! 

I ended up finding everything either at my local $1 store, or at the craft store down the street. And in that one outing I had everything I needed. 

It was SO easy to make, that I wanted to share it with you, so you too can have a MINI MANDRAKE on display next to your shelf of Harry Potter Books!

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Here's what you need to make your Mini Mandrake:
Floral Moss (like this)
Faux Floral Greenery (this one or this one would look great!)
Mandrake Printable (from HERE)
Crayola Air Dry Clay (this is what I used)
Modge Podge & brush

Step 1:

Print your Mandrake Label (I found mine free here), and use modge podge to attach it to your small clay pot. Let dry.

Step 2: 

Cut your foam to fill most of your pot (I left a little less than 1inch at the top).

Step 3:

Shape your clay into a Mandrake shape. Stick toothpicks in the bottom. 

Then use those toothpicks to anchor your mandrake in the foam in your pot. 

Make sure the front of your Mandrake is facing the front of your pot (where you put the label).

Step 4: 

Use your fingers to poke a hole in the top of your Mandrake. 

Then cut some faux floral greenery off the branch & cut down to size to fit your Mandrake. 

Carefully stick the greenery in the hole on the top of the Mandrake. Shape the clay around the greenery to hold it in place (or you could use glue).

Step 5:

Re-shape your Mandrake form as needed (sometimes adding the greenery can cause dents you don't want in your Mandrake). Then use a toothpick to carve eyes, a mouth, and some wrinkles for your Mandrake. 

Step 6: 

Fill in around your Mandrake with the floral moss. Make sure to cover any gaps so you can't see the foam. 

And you're DONE!!! Now you have an adorable MINI MANDRAKE! (Wasn't that easy?!)



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