Gifts for Harry Potter Lovers (PART 2)

After I published this post "Gifts for Harry Potter Lovers" I started coming across more and more gifts that should have made the list... If I had discovered them in time! So I decided to publish PART 2 of this series!

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This sweatshirt from Wicked Clothes looks so cosy, I'm pretty sure I would wear it every day.

Oh and can we start a slow clap for this t-shirt! I about cried when I saw it! WE ARE BOOK EIGHT, PEOPLE! 

OH and another one from DFTBA that pretty much BLEW MY MIND! "Books turn muggles into wizards..." I really am tearing up now!

I can't even get over all these amazing gifts! This set of Harry Potter books designed in your house colors! Looks like I need another set, hubby ;)

I'm a Hufflepuff by the way... what are you??

This tank from HUMAN just made me LOL (do we still say that anymore?). I just recently finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and remember this line SO well!

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You can find this perfect necklace (AKA my new favorite ever!) HERE.

Seriously you guys, these shirts from HUMAN are cracking me up!

And another one from HUMAN because I found it hilarious and I need to have it!

These mugs are wizardy-perfection!

This mirror needs to find its way into my home!

Which of these Harry Potter Gifts is your fave??

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