2018 Reading List

I wasn't going to publish I reading list this year... gasp!... I know how could I say such a thing! I've honestly just been feeling kind of hit-or-miss with reading lately (it happens to all of us!) But then I remembered that I do SO much better reading when I have a list to help me feel pumped & encouraged... and I thought... why not?!

So here it is! 25 categories for books for 2018...

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Now, you're probably  thinking... it seems like there's a lot of non-fiction categories on here. Well, yes and no. There is something about the new year that gets me on a non-fiction kick, so that's where my mind's at currently, BUT you can totally use those categories for novels or memoirs as well!

For example, a fiction idea for the category "A book to make you a better person" you could read
Wonder by RJ Palacio  (read this!!)

You can also download this version of the list (if you prefer) for easy printing.
(Just save the image on your computer and print from there)

That's it for now! Happy reading!
Love, Cami



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