Favorite Picture Books for a New Baby

It must be the teacher in me... but I am obsessed with children's books!(of course I'm obsessed with children's books! I mean just look at my blog!)  Today I want to share my favorite picture books that I think every new baby needs to start off their library! These are all books that I have gotten for my own Mini to start off her library (which is already too big for it's own good!) All with great messages and pictures, these are books you and your baby will be sure to love!

UPDATE: For International Children's Book Day (April 2) I have updated this post! You will now find current links (which may be affiliate links... thanks for supporting my sour gummy bear addiction...aka Haribo Sour Gold Bears), a few extra blurbs/ tidbits, and maybe even a bonus book? I'm not sure... I haven't decided yet...

The Books

I Like Myself- by Karen Beaumont

I love this book! This might be my favorite book in Mini Hall's collection. I have already started reading it to her in utero, and she starts kicking when I do!

The pictures are fun and vibrant, the rhythm is catchy and easy to read, and the message is clearly positive and uplifting! The message is even great for me as I read so I remember to like myself.

Guess How Much I Love You- by Sam McBratney 

I got this book for Husband to start reading to baby in utero. It is one of the sweetest little books I've ever read! It is where "I love you to the moon and back" comes from (a quote which is on our nursery wall) and is such a sweet little story to remind your new little baby how much you love him/her.

Love You Forever- by Robert Munsch 

Now this one I'm sure you've heard of. It is a baby book classic and has been in many new baby libraries (I actually own two copies). It is a super sweet story between mother and child where we watch as the baby grows and as the mother's love never decreases. "As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be" is the repeated line in the book, reminding that to you (the mommy or daddy) your baby will ALWAYS be your baby. I always tear up at the end!

 Chrysanthemum- by Kevin Henkes 
This is another book about self confidence. I'm all about teaching my daughter to be proud of who she is! I love the sweet little pictures in this book! It is about a little mouse named Chrysanthemum who loves her name until she gets to school and starts getting teased by the kids in her class. She goes from loving her name to hating it. Ultimately she realizes she has a beautiful name and that Chrysanthemum is who she is, and she wouldn't want to be anybody else!

I love this book about an uncommon name (like most children being born today) and how it is important to remember that you (and your name) are beautiful no matter what others say.

The Giving Tree- by Shel Silverstein 

I have owned this book for my future baby's library since I was 18 years old. I bought it when I began teaching. This one is a favorite because it is the book that Beverly (who was like a grandmother to me) would read to me and my siblings whenever we went over to her house. It was always one of my favorite parts of our visits!

The story is classic and reminds us to give to others. As parents we give everything for our children, and I think this book illustrates that well.

On the Night You Were Born- by Nancy Tillman 

Another nursery bookshelf classic... this book needs almost no description. It is such a perfect book to read to a new baby, just look at the title! This book beautifully illustrates all the joy and love surrounding the birth of a new baby and is just so fun to read aloud!

UPDATE: This book is available on your Nook with audio.

I hope that the new babies that enter your world will have some if not all of these books in their library when they first come home. I love to start reading to Mini Hall already
(even though she's in my belly)!
And cannot wait until I get to read her these books when she is born! I originally wrote this post when my baby girl was still in my belly! Now she's been in my arms for almost 6 and a half months and I can honestly say that these are still our favorites! We have read them multiple times (and I have a couple of them memorized already... I Like Myself and Guess How Much I Love You)

UPDATE: Okay Okay... you got me! I want to give you a bonus book now that I think every new baby needs!

The Golden Feather- By David & JJ Heller 

This husband and wife team wrote THE cutest story. Now you're saying "Cami you say that about ALL the stories!" And yes that's true... but I'm telling you, this one is GOOD!!

This sweet story goes right along perfectly with JJ Heller's lullaby albumI Dream of You. This album calms my little girl  down INSTANTLY and I spend a lot of the day singing these songs to her (my husband even knows a couple of them now!) This book is the sweetest story about a little girl telling her mommy what she's going to dream about. She has quite the imagination. If you like unicorns, gold, beautiful illustrations, and tearing up at the end of picture books because they are so incredible and they just make your heart burst because you love them so much... then this book is for you.

Trust me. You'll love it. Your babe will love it. And get it with the album to give a new mom her favorite baby shower gift!



  1. Thank you for collecting these lists of children's books! Lately I've been thinking, I can quote phrases my mother taught me because they are things she said over and over when I was little. I realized that someday my kids are going to quote ME for phrases I say over and over, and I've been stressing out wondering what those phrases/lessons should be?! But it just occurred to me that many of those "one-liners" will come from the books I choose to read to them! Those will help me teach my children and will literally begin to mold the way the child looks at the world! *Boosh!* mind blown!!!

  2. YES!!!!! That's one reason I LOVE reading with children! It becomes so easy to teach them the life lessons you want to stick with them in such a fun way!

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