Book Review- The Rosie Project

I think the best way to do my review for The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is to break it up into things I loved about the book and things I didn't love so much.

Overall I really enjoyed the book, but there were some things I could have done without.

What I loved:

1. The story. It was a cute had a little romance, a little mystery, and a secret father. Basically everything a good book needs.

2. The main character, Don. He was fun to get to know. He has aspergers, so as you're reading this book you really get his voice (since it is from his point of view). It made it interesting to read, and was a different take/outlook than many other books out there.

Also, he reminded me of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. So win win!

3. Rosie. She was hardcore. I never knew what to expect from her (similar to how every one else in the book felt I'm sure) and I liked that.

What I didn't love so much:

1. The crude language. This book takes place in Australia, which impacts the language they think is "crude." But let me tell you, there are a lot of f-words in this book (a lot...) More than I prefer. I actually went through while I read and blacked all the f-words out so that I could lend this book to people without feeling like I was polluting their minds. But if you can get past that... like I said before... the story is great!

2. It was a little hard to get started. This has something to do with the book being told by the main characters perspective. Like I said before, Don has aspergers, which definitely impacted the way the book read. Eventually I loved that about the book, but it took a little bit to get used to it (so just be prepared and keep on truckin').

3. The cover didn't match the book. This has nothing to do with the book, but I don't think the cover was a very good indication of the book. Don't get me wrong, the cover is super cute, but I don't think it really matches the feel of the book. I think they could have branded it better.

Have you read this book? What did you think? (Leave a comment and let me know!)



  1. I loved this book! I thought it was so interesting to read from Don's perspective, and see the world from his view. I've heard some mixed reviews about his point of view (I guess some people didn't like the way it portrayed Aspergers, or made it seem funny?), but since I have very little experience with Aspergers, I thought it was really enlightening. Such a cute book.

  2. I agree! Don's perspective made it so interesting for me! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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