Favorite Natural Products for Home, Mom, & Baby

I'm all for finding products that have less chemicals. So many of the things we eat, use, and surround ourselves with on a regular basis have chemicals... it comes with the territory of having to produce so many different things for BILLIONS of people on the same size of earth, I guess... so whenever I find something that can take the place of some of those chemical-ized products, I get SO excited! Especially since we've been struggling with Baby Girl's eczema we have been trying all sorts of different natural products to find those that are healthier for her skin without the irritation. These are my favorite natural products for Home, Mom, & Baby.

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1) Honest Multipurpose Cleaner

I love love love Honest. Let's just start by saying how ON POINT their branding is! I feel like many natural products have packaging that looks like it's from the 70's... and that makes it REALLY hard for me to get on board and pick their product up off the shelf at my local health food store... no matter how good a product it is.

But with Honest, I don't have that problem. Their packaging is gorgeous.

[image from Honest.com]

But beyond the superficial side of it, I ADORE their multipurpose cleaner. It smells amazing. I first bought it when I was pregnant and cleaning my bathroom with bleachy smelling products made me queezy. This white grapefruit sent is so yummy. It gives your whole room a delicious fresh sent, and leaves your counters shiny and clean! win win!

[image from honest.com]

2) Honest 4 in 1 Laundry Pods

Another Honest product that I've been in love with lately for my home is their 4 in 1 Laundry Pods. They make doing laundry SO easy!

[image from Honest.com]

Full disclosure: I got to try this product free in exchange for a review... but I was already so in love with Honest products anyways I probably would have bought it myself!

With baby eczema, what I wash her clothes in is SO important! So far we haven't noticed any reaction from this detergent, and I love how it's one step with no mess!

And again... adorable packaging.

[image from honest.com]


1) era.organics Relief Cream

I posted about this product on instagram RIGHT when I got it in the mail. I was so excited! The cream is so rich and whippy and delicious! Seriously. You open it up and it looks (and feels) like a container of whipped frosting!

I've been using it all over me after spending time in the sun. It cools my skin off and helps keep it moisturized. Oh and extra plus, it's not greasy.

It does have a hint of cocoa butter (which I'm not the biggest fan of), but it's not bad. I'll keep using it!

Note: I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review. The point of that was to use it on Baby Girl's eczema and see how it helped. I used it once and the next day her skin looked a lot worse (red, splotchy, and irritated). Granted, I only used it ONCE (so far) on her. I have no idea if this was related to her being allergic to something in the cream, or if it was due her coming in accidental contact with one of her other allergies. When I get brave I'll try it on Baby Girl again (maybe on a small part of her body) and see what happens. But besides that, I still love this cream and will keep using it on myself for some extra luscious natural pampering

2) The Healer Skin Stick from Perfectly Posh

This stuff is the bomb... I picked it up on an impulse buy at a local expo, again as a product that would hopefully help Baby Girl's eczema. Unfortunately her skin doesn't love it...but MINE sure does! So I've adopted it for myself!

[image from perfectlyposh.com]

I use it on bug bites (and they don't itch anymore), pimples, dry skin splotches, and more! It smells deliciously citrusy fresh and is so easy to apply, since it's in a large lip balm container.


1) Tubby Todd body wash

Let's be honest... I use this product mostly for myself. I LOVE the smell! It's supposed to be for babies though so shhh (I won't tell if you wont!)

I'll say it again... the smell of this and the lotion is heavenly! I love the *hint* of sweet lavender (I swear it's not too strong! you'll love it even if you don't love lavender!)

[image from tubbytodd.com]

Unfortunately, Baby Girl's skin doesn't love this product yet... BUT I'm hoping once we get her eczema a *little* more under control we'll be able to try it again... until then, sorry Baby Girl, I'm using your Tubby Todd!

[image from burtsbees.com]

Recently we've been exploring the possibility of having Baby Girl wear ORGANIC 100% cotton clothes in order to help her eczema. She was already in 100% cotton clothes almost exclusively, but we decided to take a chance on organic. These bodysuits are so soft and comfy! We put her in them to sleep, and so far they seem to have helped (cross your fingers for us)... or at least not irritated her skin more at night.

I also love the sleeve length on these. They are longer short- sleeves with a little cuff, and I think they are adorable!

Oh... and as I was on their website looking up links for this post, I saw they have some SUPER cute patterns going on right now! Go check them out!

Hope these faves help you have a few less chemicals in your home and get your family a little healthier!



  1. I'm on a natural products kick now too thanks to you! I'm really trying to limit the number of chemicals in our house so we aren't living in a space constantly being bombarded by things that could be bad for us. You're right about branding making all the difference on those natural products. Way to go Honest and Bert's Bees for making natural cool! I've found I love Method brand natural cleaning products too!

  2. I've been using the honest company since the company started . My son and I have really bad skin problems as well . Have psoriasis and he has eczema . He has had a rash on his legs for the longest time that just never goes away . I would say it started between the time we moved into our house but now has hard water in the time we started using the honest company. Right before we moved I noticed a change in the cleaning power of their laundry detergent . This is while we were still living in a soft water area . I had told them I wasn't really happy with the way their detergent was working anymore . They kept sending me samples to try of their laundry pods which they said had asked for a softening and cleaning power. I am still a member of theirs and really like the fresh smell of their products and I use their multi surface spray all the time . My sons rash never goes away and my sister-in-law told me to start looking into something in the products I was using that may be irritating his skin even more . At the same time I had come across an article about preservatives in cleaning/household products. There was a photo of a young girl with a very similar rash and it was due to an allergy to a preservative . Lo and behold I looked and the honest company's multi surface spray in there detergent contained this preservative called methylisothiazolinone. I called my allergist and he said there really is no test for this. It's just more aid process of not using these things and seeing if your skin clears up. While I was in Canada recently I bought a jug of detergent and was surprised when I saw it did not contain this preservative. In just the couple days that I have only been using the Canadian detergent my sons skin is almost clear. I am amazed. A friend of mine told me to check out the company called Shaklee. You can join as a member to get a discount or sell these products. Their ingredients are hard to find unless you call them up but I called them to see if they contained this preservative I was looking for. Only two of the items contained it . Their multi surface spray and their hand soap. Nothing else contains it. I'm not really sure how in other ways, Shaklee compares to the honest company. I can't use the honest company detergent anymore or any other detergent that I found except the Canadian one or Shaklee.

    I'm not sure how true this is but I found this online and I am going to call them to confirm . Just Some of Shaklee’s NO List:

    NO Parabens
    NO Triclosan
    NO Phthalates
    NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
    NO Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)
    NO 1,4-Dioxane
    NO Propylene Glycol
    NO Volatile Organic Cleaning Compounds (VOCs)
    NO Hydrochloric Acid
    NO Ammonia
    NO Sodium Hydroxide
    NO Butyl Cellosolve
    NO Formaldehyde
    NO Bisphenol-A
    NO Petroleum Distillates
    NO Toulene
    NO Chlorine Bleach
    NO MSG
    NO Dyes
    NO Trans Fats
    NO Artificial Sweeteners
    NO Toxic Inks
    NO Banned Substances

  3. wow! thanks for the great information! Allergies are so crazy, aren't they... you never really know what could be irritating their skin! Thanks for the tip!


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