MORE perfect gifts for Harry Potter Lovers (Part 3)

We all know someone who loves Harry Potter, or more likely multiple someones. So what do you give to a Harry Potter fanatic?? HARRY POTTER stuff OF COURSE! :)

I've rounded up all the best Harry Potter gifts in this post, (and parts one and two of this series). So you can find the perfect gift that will leave your Harry-Potter-Obsessed friend "petrified" with excitement!

A Marauder's Map to help them stay out of trouble ;) (get it HERE)

A little bottle of Felix Felicis for good luck on their next exam. (found HERE)

An amazing Herbology scented candle. (from A Court of Candles)

Or how about getting a little crafty and DIY-ing a Mini Mandrake (from Yours Truly- tutorial HERE)?

Let's throw in a little Fantastic Beasts action with a Newt handbag! (available here)

And I'm sure ALL Harry Potter fans would love the second illustrated Harry Potter Book (find it here).

THESE Golden Trio prints belong on my wall ASAP!

Or get them (or yourself) some Dobby socks! (Here)

Oh and these Harry Potter socks are perfect too!

Perhaps your Harry Potter fan is also a pin lover? Look at these Golden Trio pins!!

Or this AMAZING Magical Edition year 2 crate from Lit Joy Crate would make an amazing gift! They still have a few available so RUN HERE!

Happy Shopping!

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