30 Weeks... A Pregnancy Update

My belly turned 30 weeks the other day... yes THIRTY!!! That means there are only 10 weeks left of this pregnancy (or possibly even less!)

I cannot even believe it is so close! I've heard the next ten weeks will drag on and on... but so far this pregnancy has gone by so fast, so I feel I can use the extra time (though I won't be saying that after a few more weeks!)

From now on baby will put on 1/2 a pound EACH WEEK, which is absolutely crazy! I feel her moving around a lot (she's our little wiggles), and I can tell she is getting bigger and more cramped in my belly.

An Update...

Due Date? September 2nd
Gender? Girl!
Do you have a name picked out? Yes... but I'm not sharing it over a blog just yet!
Cravings? Cheetos (which is "great" because I'm lactose intolerant *insert sarcasm*), and DONUTS (all the time!)


Did you have any clues that you might be pregnant? I was craving curly fries and Arby's sauce like CRAZY! That was like all I wanted to eat! That craving continued through the first couple months of pregnancy.
When did you find out? 2 days after Christmas- best present ever!

Who did you tell first? My sister Emily and her husband- we broke the news to them via SnapChat (classy right!)
How did you tell your parents? We gave them the book How to Babysit a Grandpa and wrote in the cover "The best dad's get promoted to Grandpa!" Husband's parents got it right away, my parents had a little trouble picking up on the hint ;)

Did you get sick? No- THANKFULLY! I got queasy a lot, but not sick!
Most annoying symptom? Having to pee all the time!!
Did you have a gender prediction? Yes. I thought we were having a boy!
When did you share the news? We told our families at 10 or 11 weeks and we posted on Instagram at 13 weeks.


When did you start to show? It's hard to say... As my belly was growing I remember thinking I was so big- now looking back to pictures of the early pregnancy days I realize how small I was! But I would say it started to look like a "bump" at around 17 weeks.
at about 11 weeks and then at 17 weeks 

When did you find out the gender? We couldn't wait! So we went to a clinic in Provo that did the early gender checks at 16 weeks and found out she is a girl!

Babymoon? YES! We went to London, Paris, and Rome after we graduated! London was our favorite! I was 21 weeks.
At the Tower of London!

Third Trimester

Are you starting to get uncomfortable? Yes, of course! Especially when trying to sleep.
Are you hot? Yes, very if I am outside (hello, it's summer!), but thankfully air conditioning exists!!
Are you nesting? I'm not sure when "nesting" is technically supposed to start... but I feel I have been in nesting mode the whole pregnancy (on and off). Mostly it involves me deep cleaning and getting rid of stuff!
What are you doing with the nursery? I am SO Excited to share the nursery when we get it finished! The colors are mint, peach, and gold with base colors of white and gray! So cute! I want it to feel peaceful and girly, and I love sitting in there imagining her being there! I can't wait to share pictures!

Have you had a baby shower yet? Nope! But we have a couple coming up in the next couple months! We are using a couple themes from the printable pack of showers from the Dating Divas! SO CUTE!

And that's about it! A quick rundown on the pregnancy so far... which has honestly been pretty great! (I for sure can't complain!) Here's hoping for a smooth next ten weeks! (cross your fingers for us!)




  1. This is so exciting! I can't wait to meet the little wiggles! And your nursery is adorable!

    1. Thanks Emily! We are so excited for her to meet her aunties!! :)


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