Maternity Pictures and a Pregnancy Update!

34 weeks Pregnant! 

So basically I can't believe it's already been a month since I hit 30 weeks... Where does the time go?! I SO don't feel ready to have a HUMAN in a month and a half!

Yes... you read that right... a month and a half... or less... Then we will have our very own Mini Hall. 

9 months of baby prep is not enough time, if you ask me! Give me the gestational time frame of an elephant and then maybe just maybe I will be prepared for when this baby comes! 

So what's new with us? Here is a bump-date!

Maternity Pictures!

So so so so so happy about these! We've only gotten a few back so far, but I love them! And the one on the top of this post is totally getting framed for our living room! 

We went to a park near our home to take the pictures. It was hot hot hot! I got some nasty sweat marks... but thankfully they didn't show up in the pictures!

I am glad they are finished and that they went well!

One thing down.. about a million more to go!


The back pain is bad! I'm sore all the time and can rarely get comfortable. Speaking of comfortable... most nights sleep is very difficult. I toss and turn (slowly and manatee-like) throughout the night as I try to get some sleep. Not to mention the middle of the night trips to the loo. :( But other than those things I'm doing pretty dang good... most days :)

Baby Showers!

I've had two amazing baby showers so far and another coming up at the beginning of next month for my other side of the family! I seriously have the best friends and family!!! Baby Hall and I are so spoiled rotten! Hopefully coming up soon will be a post about each shower- since they were too much fun to shove into this post!

Are you Packed? 

YES! As of yesterday I have packed my hospital bag...mostly! Ahh that makes me so nervous (even though she will probably be stubborn like her dad and I were and stay cooped up in there for an extra two weeks!)

Updates on the Baby

This week baby weighs as much as a 5 pound bag of flour and is as big as a Butternut Squash! At my appointment last week the doctor said I was measuring about a half a week ahead (so she might be even bigger than that!) I feel her moving A LOT (she is truly a little wiggles)! She gets hiccups often and likes to push over to one side or the other and make me lopsided :) 

She is also becoming more sensitive to light. The other day the hubbs and I put a flashlight up to my belly and she kicked/punched at it. Then we moved it and she kicked/punched again a few times in different spots (I know... we are probably mean to flash bright lights in her face where she can't escape ;). 

31 weeks

32 weeks
33 Weeks

Thanks for Reading!

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