Tuesday Tip- Books with Good Morals

This Tuesday Literacy Tip was inspired by a new series of books that I looked into this week.

"Read books that teach good morals."

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of ALL kinds of books! Any book, magazine, blog, or subtitle that gets a child (or adult) reading is good enough for me! But there is something so special and meaningful about books that teach good morals.

I'll have to do a roundup post later on about my favorites (because there are so many great ones!). One new favorite is Inspirational Nursery Rhymes. I bought a copy for my Kindle on a whim this week and I was so pleasantly surprised! I actually wrote the authors to tell them how much I enjoyed it! (and between you and me I actually teared up at the end... because it was SUCH an important lesson that even I need help with daily, and one that I SO SO SO want to teach my daughter!)

 You can buy directly from the authors [HERE].

Reading a book with a good moral is such an easy way to expose your children to the principals that you want them to stand for as they grow. You can just read the story and leave it at that, knowing that good quality is now in their hearts and minds to be used in the future, or even better you can use books to lead to discussions about the morals! Talk about how they apply to their lives right now as children and what it means to them and you!

Here is a little more about the authors of Inspirational Nursery Rhymes that Todd sent me as a response to my email.

"I’ve been teaching this “thinking stuff” for about 4 years to business groups. But something inside me kept tugging on me to focus on kids. So, I wrote a book for teens and created a website for teens as a resource. However, because I knew that about 90% of what’s downloaded in the subconscious happens by the age of 6, I needed to do something for toddlers.  Jackie, who was an K-3rd grade school teacher thought of nursery rhymes. So, we started writing. It’s been a lot of fun and the feedback has been amazing.  We plan on making an ongoing series of books with subtitles under the Inspirational Nursery Rhyme name. We just finished our third called Responsibility and so far the publisher likes that one the best.  Manners will follow that one and then I am which while empower the reader to believe in themselves.

"This is a brand new genre of nursery rhymes and designed to empower kids with internal self belief systems so as they grow up they aren’t burdened with the limiting self beliefs so many people are raised with.

"Our goal is to have the next generation of kids raised with these books and hopefully we’ll have made a difference in the world."

I want to hear from you! What are some of the books with good morals that you read with your kids? Comment below!



  1. I honestly can't think of some off the top of my head. But I generally try to only buy books for my kids that teach good morals. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm so glad this is something you already strive for with your kids- it is such an easy way to introduce good principles in a fun way!


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