What I Wish I Bought for my New Baby

Obviously none of these things were a NECESSITY... my baby is alive and well at 5 months now despite not having these things. But, I was thinking about it today and realizing that there were a few things that I wish I had bought before my mini was born- things that would have made the day to day a lot easier!

1. A video baby monitor.

We were planning on getting one of these, but they were so expensive that we decided we could get by without one. And when she was first born we totally could! She spent her time the first few months in our room, so we didn't need one. Even when we moved her to the nursery initially we probably wouldn't have used it much. Now though, I am thinking of working one into our budget one of these months.

She has started moving around a lot during her sleep. Every time I check on her I find her in a different position. Sometimes she gets stuck on her stomach or pressed up against the crib bars...This is when a video monitor would be SO nice! Because now when she's fussing in bed I always feel like I have to go up and check on her in case she is stuck somehow... It would be wonderful to just be able to pull out the monitor and make sure she hasn't found herself in some strange position before I go running up the stairs to make sure she's ok.

This is the one that I've been eyeing...

Carissa Miss has an awesome review for the Levana camera HERE.

2. This nursing cover from Covered Goods


Look how cute my favorite SANDY A LA MODE is with it!

I actually just bought this one on brickyardbuffalo.com the other day, and it hasn't come in the mail yet... but from the reviews I have read about this product it looks like it will be exactly what I need! It would have been SO nice to have for the first 5 months of my mini's life! Ugh! Breastfeeding is so rewarding, but so challenging- for us one of the most difficult things is breastfeeding in public- or even around family. I am a very modest person, so I like to breastfeed covered up when we're with other people. Unfortunately, my little mini likes to try to show the whole world what she's doing! As soon as she's covered she starts flailing every limb and pulling up the sides of the cover like she's trying to reveal the awesome way she's getting fed! As flattering as it is that she wants to show off my honkers, it makes me uncomfortable. So every time I feed her around other people it is a BATTLE to try to keep covered up. Most of the time I end up hiding away in a room so that I just don't have to deal with the cover. We have tried EVERY nursing cover (well like 3 but it feels like all of them!) Each one had aspects that I liked, but none of them worked for us.

I love this cover so much! It covers everything, while still allowing mom to see what's happening down there! If you're like me and don't want your headlights flashed to the world every time you feed your baby- get this nursing cover! I SO WISH I had heard of it sooner!

It would have been ideal for our trip that we took to Hawaii! (Seriously nursing this flasher on the plane was INSANE!)

Update: Oh and if you check out their site they have TONS of cute new patterns!

You can read Sandy's review of this product HERE.

3. More nursing bras!

More nursing business for yah! This bra has been my absolute fave! I haven't had any complaints, and it came highly recommended by many people. Unfortunately when I was buying stuff in preparation for baby I only bought ONE... big mistake! I wish I had bought at least 2- even though they are kind of expensive. They are so much better than the cheaper ones I tried to make up for only having one of these!

4. The Ollie Swaddle

This is another product that I haven't actually tried... but I have heard NOTHING but good things about this product! I found out about it about a month ago, and since my babe had been sleeping out of a swaddle for a while I couldn't justify buying it. But you can bet I want one for my next baby! And I'll recommend it to all my friends who are having babies.

[caption id="attachment_465" align="aligncenter" width="300"]
 Image property of Ollie World[/caption]

We've had a difficult time with sleep in this house...so anything that could have improved that for us the first 5 months of mini's life would have been amazing! Our little sweety was very fussy and a little collicy... this Ollie Swaddle is supposed to help with fussiness and improve sleep quality for your little one (and thereby you!)

It is made out of special fabric that keeps the baby warm but keeps him/her from overheating. It has a handy closure on the bottom that allows you to change the baby's diaper without undoing the swaddle. And it helps the baby sleep way better! Check out the reviews of this product [HERE]. I'm sold!!!

5. A Musical Soother

As I mentioned above we have had a difficult time with sleep since my little nugget was born. Nap time has been THE WORST!!! It's frustrating for all of us. I wish we had a soother like this that plays comforting music so that every time it's time to sleep we can play the music and she could begin to associate the soother with sleep.

Everything you read about helping babies sleep talks about how routine is important. I think something like this to create an easy routine for us would have been helpful with my little one. And it is definitely something I'll be getting for my next baby!

These are the things that I wish I would have gotten for my little one. I want to hear from you! Please leave a comment- what do you wish you had gotten when your little was born??



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  2. Those are good tips! We did not have any of those things. Our oldest is 8, so I am not sure they are all existed. There were times especially as a new parent I wish we had video monitor. It is not the most frugal purchase, but I imagine it would put your mind at ease. I nursed all 3 of my kids and there were times I wish I had a cover instead of a blanket. Nursing bras are hard. You need a few, because they get yuck from leaking. I think I bought a couple or so to start, but your size can change after those first few weeks. Have a good weekend!

  3. Thanks for another great comment! Yes, obviously none of these things are a necessity- my little one and I are both alive and happy at 6 months without them.. But they are splurges that I will get for our next baby (if I have the luxury). There are some things that cause parents stress every time you have to deal with them, and these items address my stressors :)

  4. you are soo sweet to include me!!!! thank you!!! :) love my covered goods, A LOT!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. Sandy, thanks so much for the comment! We've been using our covered goods for the last little bit, and it is fantastic! Thanks for recommending it!


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