Top 5 Funny Picture Books

I love funny books. There are some picture books that become my favorite simply because they are entertaining or funny (especially when read aloud). Top 5 Funny Picture Books to brighten your day and your bookshelf! (That the kids will love too!)

1. Moosestache- by Margie Palatini

Maybe it's my love of mustaches, but when I first read this book aloud to my students I was thoroughly entertained! Even laughing aloud with my students at some points. It is about a moose with a very unruly "moostache" who does everything he can to try to control it (the pictures are very funny too!).

2. Officer Buckle and Gloria- by Peggy Rathmann

This book always makes me chuckle! It is about a police officer that gives really boring safety speeches... until he gets a new sidekick (Gloria). Suddenly his speeches become so popular! This is another one where the pictures make it even funnier! I love the creativity in the illustrations as you see Gloria behind Officer Buckle acting like him and making the kids in the audience howl with laughter!

3. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs- by Jon Scieszka

This is a book that I was always dying to read aloud to my students! It is one of my very favorite picture books! It is the story of the three little pigs, but in this version the wolf tells the story- and he feels he is completely innocent. I loved comparing this one to a "normal" version of the story with my students. This is probably the funniest 3 Little Pigs stories I've ever read!

4. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type- by Doreen Cronin 

I love the story of this book. It is about farm animals that find a typewriter and write notes to the farmer to get what they want, like heated blankets! Your kids will love being read this book, and it is a fun one to read aloud!

5. Pinkalicious- by Victoria Kann

Let me start off by sharing that there IS a whole series of these books (that came out after this one)... however, I am not a fan of the series. This first book, though, I thought was pretty funny! It is about a little girl who loves pink SO MUCH! Then she eats too many pink cupcakes and SHE turns pink! The pink lovers in your home are bound to think this story is hilarious (the idea of turning pink! How crazy!) Plus, it may keep them from eating too many cupcakes...though it hasn't stopped me!

Those are my top 5 funny Picture books! I hope you keep an eye out for these books to add them to your children's library, and that you enjoy reading these ones to your kids (they are some of my favorites to read aloud!)

Keep in Touch: Leave a comment with your fave book that makes you chuckle!



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