My Favorite MOMpreneurs

"hello my name is... all of the above!

It never ceases to amaze me what a mom can do... Seriously! Moms wear so many different hats all the time... oftentimes wearing multiple hats at once!

Even know that I am a momma I still can't imagine being able to do everything I see all the moms around me doing (and they make it look so easy!). I'm hoping it will get easier with practice!

All moms AMAZE me... but there are some moms that take this job to a whole new level... you've all seen them, been jealous of them (maybe...), and wanted to be them.

Who am I talking about... the MOMMA ENTREPRENEURS!

I cannot comprehend how these women do everything that is on their plates... but I wanted to share with you (unsolicited) a list of my Momma Entrepreneur role models! I want to be these women, and I hope one day I can be!

1. Susan- Freshly Picked

 Image Property of Susan and Freshly Picked

I have been in love with Susan’s company since I first saw those adorable moccasins. Plus I was a fan because they are a local Provo company! I soon became a loyal follower on instagram. These baby moccasins are durable, high quality, and an excellent design. She started her business by selling old window frames at a scrapyard to get money for leather! Since then not only does she have 360K followers on instagram (this number grew from 195K since I started writing this post only 6 months ago!!!), but she has appeared on Shark Tank (and gotten a deal!), and has just recently made a deal with Nordstrom to sell her moccs (that news made me giddy when I saw it, and that is actually what inspired this post!)

I don’t know how she does it! Susan speaks at entrepreneur conferences, hosts Amazing Moccasin Races with other mompreneurs in Provo, sends moccasins to just about every mommy-blogger I have ever heard of (awesome marketing strategy!) for them to review and post about how much they love them (which they of course do!), and is a momma and a wife!

2. Courtney Whitmore- Pizzazerie

 Image Property of Courtney Whitmore and Pizzazzerie

Courtney is a stylist and a writer and designs the cutest party tables and writes my favorite blog posts. Courtney works on recipe development, food and party styling/ photography, brand ambassadorships, giveaways & reviews, and company events, has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens &, works with companies like Target, and blogs for ehow. And this is just the start of it all!First off, Courtney is the cutest… second she has the cutest baby on the planet… and third she has the cutest company ever! I basically stalk her on instagram and want to be her when I “grow up.”

She has also written 3 books! One of which I have shared many different times as one of my favorite recipe books of all time- FROSTINGS. So take all this… and add little baby! Holy Mama!

3. Emily Ley- Simplified Planner

 Image property of Emily Ley

This woman is super adorable, has the sweetest shop, and the cutest little boy! She seems to me the epitome of balancing family and a home-run business and doing all that with style and class. She just had THE CUTEST twins after a battle with infertility (follow them on instagram HERE). Her shop is all about “simplicity.” She makes beautiful products, like her simplified planner, to help women simplify their busy lives and experience more joy. I can’t get enough of her shop and follow her on instagram like a crazy person!

4. My Mom

On a more personal note, this last section this “mompreneurs” post is my very own mother.

My mom started her own uniform company for private schools, back when I was in junior high. She was dissatisfied with the uniform company our school had been using for years and decided to take it into her own hands and do something about it!

She has incredible drive and dedication. She has an MBA, raised six kids, served faithfully in religious callings, and started/is currently running her own company! Mom, I am so amazed by you!

To moms everywhere... thank you for all you do! You are AMAZING!

Who are your favorite mompreneur role models??



  1. I think you're going to be one of these one day :)


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