Library List 2: 10 more books for your next checkout


And we're back! With 10 more library books that I promise you're going to LOVE!

Like I said in the last Library List post, these are books that I 100% recommend. I checked out each of these books from my local library and read them to my own daughter. They have great artwork, enchanting stories, and I bet you and your kids will BOTH be entertained. So, you can be sure you come home with at least SOME good books every library trip!

  • Chopsticks: Berkeley

    • This was a sweet little story about a mouse who lived next to an ancient dragon statue. Together they travel the world and share their joy with others. 

  • Naughty Toes: Bonwill 

    • A story about being yourself, this cute book shares the message that we might not all be good at the same things, but we are all good at our own things!

  • There’s this Thing: Brecon

    • A little girl searches for this thing called love in this adorably illustrated book. 

  • Chowder: Brown

    • What do you get when you have a dog that you let use the toilet and carry in a baby carrier? A dog named Chowder!

  • The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder: Brown

    • The fun with Chowder continues as he enters a doggy beauty pageant, and finds he has his own special talent 

  • Some Dog: Casanova

    • A basset hound's confidence is rattled when a new dog takes up space in the family home. But soon he learns he is more valuable to his family than he ever knew 

  • Gaston: DiPucchio

    • A puppy mix up leads to families unlike any other. But, they soon find out they are just where they need to be.

  • Ruby Valentine and the Sweet Surprise: Friedman

    • Ok, I know it's not Valentine's Day, but this book is too cute not to share! Ruby's friends compete to throw Ruby the best Valentine's Day surprise. After a crazy day they learn there is room in hearts for more than one BFF. 

  • Flora and the Penguin: Idle

    • In this adorable wordless picture book, we watch as two creatures (a penguin and a little girl) become friends as they practice their ice skating.

  •  Slugs in Love: Pearson

    • Two poetic slugs write love notes to each other in this slimiest of love stories!

I hope you enjoy these books as much as my family and I did! If you post a picture on instagram with any book you heard about on this blog, pleas tag #recommendedbyworthington in the comments so I can see it!



  1. Books!! Cami, I'm so happy I found your adorable blog and these excellent book recommendations. We live a five minute walk from our library and I need two library cards just to accommodate all the book lovin'! Thanks for the list.

  2. Aw you're sweet, and so welcome! Two library cards?? That's totally GENIUS! I was just thinking the other day how I'd almost hit the book limit... I guess I'm making my husband get one that I can use! Thanks for the idea ;)

  3. Cami, Your summaries are so cute and comprehensive! The one for the Slugs in Love book just got to me! "Two poetic slugs..." Now THAT I have to read!

  4. Aw thank you! That book was seriously cute! (It's on my "I must buy it ASAP" list now!)

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