Tuesday Tip: Get down...on the floor

Today's Tuesday Tip is brought to you from inspiration I got from a Read Brightly article by Jassen Everyday Reading.

When my 6 month old and I read together, we like to switch it up.

Sometimes I hold her in my lap, but now that she's getting extra wiggly one of the positions we like best is on the floor lying next to each other. Sometimes we lie on our backs with me holding the book in the air above us. This works well because then her little grabby hands can't grab the book if I don't want her to.

Or we lie on our stomachs with the book on the floor in front of us. We both like this way too, and she can "help" me turn the pages.

Usually when we lie on the floor together to read, we will end up switching positions a couple times during the book (since she will roll over by herself now!), which keeps my arms from getting too tired holding the book up in the air.

So your challenge today... Switch up the way you read with your child! If you normally sit together in a chair... Get Down...on the floor and get cozy on the floor to read together!



  1. Her little grabby hands! Haha she's so cute!!

  2. Aren't they the best! Oh those little baby hand dimples! I just want to eat her up :)

  3. I've done this with my kids, and I've ended up with one of my kids on my back, and the other two are squeezed up against me as close as they can get to read the book. It's a lot of fun. I enjoy reading with my kids. They listen intently and laugh with me. We've got many good memories together reading books.

    I love this tip!

  4. Aw this is so sweet! I love hearing experiences like this!


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