Little Baby J Designs Feature

The day is here! Time to get to know another of my favorite shops for the mini people!

Little Baby J Designs is a brand new shop of the cutest "onesies" ever! I got the navy "Never Grow Up" in size 3-6 months for my little 12 pound cutie. It fits her so cute, is 100% cotton, and we've washed it like 5 (?) times since getting it a week ago and it still looks super cute!

Next on my wish list is "Be Brave" in white! (swoon!)

This adorable shop owner is so much like me, it's crazy! When we did the email interview I almost felt like I was reading about myself. Marielsy has a 7 month old baby girl, is in her mid-twenties, and is finishing up her Elementary Education Degree. She also resides in Utah like me! (woot woot!) Her shop is inspired by her little cutie, and she is way more creative than I am ;)

Nothing sums this sweet woman up better than this quote that she gave me... "Because these designs bring me such happiness, I only hope to bring some of that happiness to other mothers and their babies.  If a mother gets excited about receiving her onesie in the mail, that’s my goal. If it adds a fun element to a baby’s cute outfit, that’s my goal. If starting my shop motivates another mother to take a chance and start her own small business, that’s my goal." 

See, told you! How great is she?!?!

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Just for fun.

Me: "What's your favorite picture book?"

Marielsy: "My favorite picture books involve the cute little drawings of a “little critter” I remember sitting to read “I Just Forgot” with my mother.  Growing up my mother shared her love of reading with my brother and I, and I am extremely grateful she did because now I absolutely love looking at all of our old books and sharing and reading them to our baby J."



  1. Love those sweet little onesies and your little gal is adorable! xo

  2. Aw, thank you! These Little Baby J Designs onesies are the best!


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