Quick and Easy Toy Organization How To + Free Printable

I've been working on this little project the last couple weeks, so I thought I'd share it with you here! My husband and I serve as nursery coordinators for our church. Basically how it works is during Sunday school classes parents drop their little kids (from like 18 months to 3 years) off to our nursery classes in the church so they can go be spiritually uplifted while their kids play with toys, sing songs, etc. We have A LOT of kids this age in our ward (congregation) so we have multiple "classes" of nursery kids. So our service involves organizing these classes each Sunday, making sure the other members that serve as nursery teachers are there, and getting the supplies for the classes. Long winded explanation to just set the background for this project but oh well!

Like I mentioned, part of the nursery activities is playing with toys... and we had way too many toys in our classroom!

Every Sunday looked like the flood gates of toy-ocean opened... toys all over every inch of the floor. So, Hubbs and I have taken some time this week to get rid of toys that were broken and worn out, and also organizing the toys so that they would be better able to fit in the cupboards we have available- and easier for the teachers to control which toys are brought out during class time.

Like every project I work on I forgot to take a before picture... but this is the after!

I used these milk crate storage bins from Target (but you can pretty much get them at any superstore). Plus side they were 15% off at Target this week! Score!

I struggled for a while with how to label these bins. These kids are only around two years old, so I knew the labels needed to have pictures on them. I ended up randomly finding these Avery Adhesive Label Pockets [affiliate link] at Office Depot/Max and they were exactly what I needed! (Extra bonus: these were on clearance too!)

I just stuck them on the front of the bins, printed out business card size labels on cardstock and stuck them in the pockets! Easy Peasy! This works great because I was able to customize the labels exactly how I wanted, AND they will be super easy to change out if we ever need to.

I keep forgetting to take a picture of what it looks like WITH the labels on the bins! But I'll add a picture when I finally remember to get one!

And here it is... what you've all been waiting for... the FREE PRINTABLE toy bin labels! These fit nicely in the Avery Adhesive Label Pockets [affiliate link] and hopefully will help you organize your own kids toys!

Thanks for reading!



  1. This looks amazing! I'm sure this took a super long time, you're so awesome for doing all of that! The kids will LOVE you and so will their parents!

  2. Thanks, Emily! It SO needed to be done! I think the people that will like us the most will be the teachers! Now they can actually kind of control how many toys are out at once!


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