Citrus Lane Subscription Box Review April 2015

This month I signed up to receive a Citrus Lane subscription box for my little Mini. The box was curated to her age range (about 8 months), and had a variety of items! The theme of the April box was "earth day." The box was filled with eco-concious goodies perfect for the warmer weather!

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Citrus Lane Box Contents

Here's what was in our box this month

This lotion is apparently 'the shiz' at the Citrus Lane office (I may be paraphrasing a little bit ;) And I can def see why! It's made out of organic avocado and olive and fruit oils! I put some on my hands, and it felt SO nice- creamy and not greasy. The insert says that it smells delicious and is "designed for your baby's sensitive skin." I'm a little hesitant to use it on my babe's skin (because of her eczema) and I'm not sure about the smell (I kind of like it, kind of don't...) but I'll keep it in my diaper bag and use it when I'm out and about!

Mini's going to LOVE this when she starts walking! The age recommendation on the packaging says 12mo+ so it's not exactly the best fit for my little babe :(, but it sure is cute! I bet she'll love just playing with it on the floor even now! It's made out of maple wood and seems pretty sturdy! I'm excited to pass this down from kid to kid!

According to the insert in the package, this book is a subscriber favorite. The rhyming, sing-songy words are fun, and the pictures are vibrantly colorful. The storyline is simple and repetitive and great for reading over and over again and noticing patterns with your little one. It's a cute book, and I like that it's a board book. I've also heard good things about Barefoot Books. I'm excited to read it to my little Mini and see how she likes it.

I think this toy is just too cute! It's reminiscent of the classic primary colored stackers that have been around for ages but this stacker takes a contemporary spin and uses such cute colors! I would totally be OK leaving this out around my house when we have company come over! It's so pretty it's like a decoration. Oh and it contains absolutely no BPA, PVC, phthalates or coatings... I don't know what any of those things are, but it sounds good!

I got this as a free incentive when I signed up for Citrus Lane. It is SO cute! It's my favorite part of the whole box! I think without it I would have been a little disappointed with the box. We have a Skip Hop backpack for little Mini, and I love this Giraffe set! We're going to make good use of the straw cup too, since she's already decided she loves straws!

 Overall I'm pretty pleased with this box. I'm not to the point where I would get it every month, but I would like to try it again!

Estimated value: $55 || What I paid: about $18 (with the coupon I used)

I'd say that's a pretty good deal!

It's SO easy to sign up! All you do is go to and click "Get a Box." Then pick which length of subscription you want. I picked monthly, but you can save like $5/box if you sign up for a 6 month commitment. Then you just personalize the box according to your child (aka: since my baby is about 8 months we got items in our Citrus Lane Box that would appeal to her age range) and enter your address and payment info!

My box came today, on the 22nd (so a little more than halfway through the month). It was a nice surprise and hopefully will help get us through the rest of the month!

If you want to learn more about subscription boxes in general take a look at this post from Melanie Meditates. She breaks subscription boxes down to the basics and let's you know what the deal is with this new trend!




  1. How fun! I love the giraffe theme and I love that it came with a straw sippy cup for her! Cute pictures too!


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