Picture Book Review: Donuts and Sprinkles, Oh My!

Donuts & Sprinkles, Oh My! written and illustrated by Hayley Morales is an adorably colorful picture book that is very relevant to kids in today's world.
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Hayley takes a topic that is often kind of a bummer to talk about and turns it into a fun, adventurous, and engaging story about a little hipster girl and her friend the flamingo. The main character "Hay the Hipster" has nut allergies. When faced with a friend (the flamingo) that wants to go get donuts (do- NUTS) Hay stands up for herself and says she can't eat nuts! When her pink friend claims that he doesn't think donuts are a nut, Hay does what all kids with allergies should do and says she won't eat it until she talks to the baker and makes SURE a donut is in fact not a nut.

Hay's style is on point! With a top knot, head wrap, pineapple shirt, tutu, and moccasins (and a room with a teepee and streamers) any little girl today would be thrilled to see this cute character dressed just like she does! (I know I was!)

"Every morning as Hay the Hipster put on her moccasins she sang..." (Donuts & Sprinkles, Oh My!)

And, in a world where allergies are more prevalent than they've ever been- this picture book is highly applicable to any child. Even if they don't have allergies themselves, I'm sure they have a friend that does!

According to foodallergy.org food allergies affect 1 in every 13 children in the US! That's about 2 in every classroom!

I've read a few picture books that have addressed the subject of food allergies (particularly nut allergies), but this one is BY FAR my favorite! It addresses a topic that all kids should be educated about while keeping it fun and applicable to them!

Hayley Morales, the author, is the sweetest (no pun intended!) The book came wrapped in the cutest bakers' twine and a bonus coloring page (that I'm saving for myself on a rainy day since my baby girl is too little!).

About Donuts & Sprinkles, Oh My! Haley writes,
"The story line was inspired by my daughter Grace who suffers with food allergies. With innocence she said, “Mommy, I can’t eat donuts. A donut is a nut.” I have that sweet little voice to thank for sparking the idea. Now we have a chance to sprinkle knowledge across the nation on food allergy awareness.” (Haley Morales)

I think that's just adorable! I'm so glad I have this picture book so I can teach my little girlie about food allergies. As much as I hope she doesn't have any herself, I can bet that some of her friends will. I hope to help her understand more about them and help her friends stay safe!

**UPDATE: We recently found out Baby Girl is allergic to milk, eggs, and nuts (and that's what has been making her eczema so horrible). Guess we'll have even more use for this adorable book!

And an added bonus, on Haley's site you can also order leggings and prints that match this adorable picture book! I'm ALL about that!

The Giveaway

Hayley so generously offered to give one of you fab readers a copy of her picture book! (three cheers for Haley!) Enter here & Good Luck!
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Oh and just between us, I heard she's working on another picture book! I'm so excited ;)



  1. This book sounds so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely review. We would love to win a copy. We don't have donut shops here, but we love dunkin donuts or Krispy Kreme when travelling

  3. I love the fractured prune!

  4. This book looks absolutely darling!! xx

  5. Share our favorite donut place here? I like DOCO in New Jersey. They were one of the firsts to carry the famous Kronut. YUM!

  6. Whenever I make it to New Jersey, I am totally going there!

  7. It really is! And it totally matches that shoot you did for A Little Lady Shop!

  8. I just googled it... YUM!!! Next time I'm in St. George I'm totally stopping by! That's the closest location to me :(

  9. MMM. Krispy Kreme! I haven't had their donuts in forever! I used to have them all the time as a kid!

  10. It's super adorable! I hope you get yourself a copy even if you don't win :)

  11. I love Krispy Kreme. :) And I love following you on Instagram! Your daughter is so precious!

  12. Aw thank you! Krispy Kreme donuts are so fluffy! Now I'm craving them ;)

  13. What an adorable book!! I've been reading books to my kids since before they could walk. It has developed a healthy yearning for reading and wanting to get new books on a regular basis. I love to read and I enjoy doing book reviews.

    Thank you for sharing your book review at #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup !

  14. I'm so glad to hear that! I read all the time with my 8 month old (hence this blog), but it's nice to hear success stories like this!


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