Book-Themed Baby Shower Gifts

I LOVE baby showers! And what's my favorite thing to give as gifts?? You guessed it... BOOKS! 

It is so fun to share old and new favorites with moms-to-be. And the best part is imagining creating memories with their little ones as they read them the book you gifted! I love being a part of that!

For the times when you want to give *more* than a book... I've got you covered! With 4 book-themed baby shower gift ideas that are sure to wow the new mommy (and all the guests at the party)!

The Eric Carle Collection

A few TY plushies and a group of classic board books come together to make the perfect baby shower gift! Moms of boys and girls will love this gift, and they will enjoy it with their kiddos for many many years to come.

The Golden Feather Gift Set

What happens when you mix the cutest picture book, the loveliest CD of lullabies, and the best sleep sack ever.... this gift!


Any new mom would be thrilled to receive this at her baby shower! I love singing the lullabies to my little cutie, and this picture book is still one of our all time favorites. Oh and did I mention she is wearing this exact zippadee-zip right now??

(I have a longer review of this book HERE...)

Dr. Seuss' "what gift should I get" Gift Set

This gift set is sure to please! Print off some cute Dr. Seuss quotes from Etsy & frame them in classy white frames! Then wrap those up with a Dr. Seuss beginners box set and his newest book for good measure! 

Including a special note in your favorite Dr. Seuss book would be a sweet surprise for mom as she's reading at bed time with her new infant!

"Wild" about this Gift!

How 'bout a little something for the new mom in this one? I adore this "I'll eat you up" t-shirt for mom paired with the "wild thing" bodysuit!


Pair it with an adorable print and the classic book Where the Wild Things Are and the new mommy is sure to be "wild" about your gift!

Here's hoping you spread some "book love" at the next baby shower you attend!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. What fun ideas! You're invited to any baby shower I ever have!! :) Thanks for being a part of Booknificent Thursday this week!


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