Books by Value: DIVINE NATURE

"We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us and we love Him"

The first line of the Young Women's theme resonates the essence of Divine Nature in every word. 

Divine Nature is a value that is very dear to my heart. I often struggle with my self-worth; wondering if I matter and why I'm here. Divine Nature answers those questions and much more. We are beloved daughters and sons of Heavenly Father. We are of infinite worth to Him. We are here to become more like Him and follow the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. We also need to remember where we came from so we can stay on the path to return to Him.

We each come to earth with special Divine gifts and qualities; They are innate in us. Part of our duty here on earth is to develop those qualities. 

"You are second to none. A daughter of God."- Susan W. Tanner

It is important to teach our kids where they come from and why they are special. It is all to easy to become part of the world and forget that we come from God on High. By instilling this value in our children from a young age they will be better able to resist the temptations of the world and to develop their divine potential as they grow older. 

These books help teach the value of Divine Nature.


Cute Gaston was born into a family of poodles... but he is most certainly not a poodle. One day at the park they run into a family of bulldogs (like Gaston). Gaston sees they look like them and tries to join their family. He soon realizes that where he belongs is where he was before...with his family.

This book teaches us that where we belong is our home, with our loving family. Not only our earthly family but also our Father in Heaven. Because of our Divine Nature we have an innate desire to return to Him one day, much like Gaston returned to his family. 

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

This book is just adorable. I love looking at my daughter and thinking of all the amazing things she will accomplish in this life. Esspecially knowing what I know about Divine Nature and the divine gifts she has (that have yet to reveal themselves), I am even more excited to see everything she will do and become. 

Children are precious gifts that have such potential... IF they know how valuable they are and know they are capable. This book teaches those principles with heartfelt prose and gorgeous illustrations. 

 "for all your tininess could not disguise a heart so enormous."-Emily Winsfield Martin

The Crown on your Head 

We are sons and daughters of a Heavenly King, God. That is part of our Divine Nature. When we came to Earth to receive our mortal bodies, that crown did not pass from our heads. In fact, the crown grows brighter and more obvious as we live each day following the example of Jesus Christ, and let our light shine. 

This book is a great way to lead discussion to this topic. The very first line makes me tear up when I read it..."On the day we met and I put you to bed, I noticed a crown on the top of your head." 

 It is so easy to forget where we came from when we get sucked into the trials of every day life. How fitting is it that this book also contains a "note from your crown" that says even though most people can't see me, I am there. You can feel me by the warmth of my glow. Then we can talk to our children about the Holy Spirit, and how that makes us feel warm and safe. When we feel the spirit we can remember that we have a crown on our heads like Heavenly Father. 


In this sweet story, a baby bat falls into a bird's nest. As she grows up with her bird brother's and sisters she wonders why she is so different. Why can't she do all the things they do? And why can she hang upside-down from trees while they can't?

Later, Stellaluna learns that she did different things because she is a bat, not a bird. She was born with abilities that the birds weren't born with... just as the birds were born with abilities that she couldn't replicate. 

Each of us has our own talents; each of us is born with a Divine Nature and divine gifts that, like Stellaluna, makes us unique and special. Our job, like Stellaluna learned, is to discover those gifts from God and make the most of them. 


This book is one of my all time favorites. Little Chrysanthemum loves her name... until she gets to school and gets teased about it. Through the help of a loving teacher, Chrysanthemum realizes just how amazing her name is, and that she should always be proud of it. 

We too are born with a special name. The name of "son or daughter of God." We should always be proud of it and live up to our name.

Blueberries for the Queen

During WWII a little boy hears that a Queen has moved in next door. He wants to meet her so badly, and all summer he imagines meeting this regal queen dressed in a red cape with a crown. One day he picks a bunch of blueberries to bring to the Queen. When he returns home his family asks him if he really saw the queen. He replies, "she was disguised like a grandma, but anyone would know she was a real queen."

That line is the kicker in connecting this book to Divine Nature. Each of us is of royal birth, as sons and daughters of a Heavenly King. Though each of us is "disguised" as normal people here on earth, by letting our light shine anyone would know that we are something special- sons and daughters of God. 

God Gave Us You

Teaching our children that they came from God and how happy we are to have them in our family is made easy with this cute book.

The little cub asks, "mama, where did I come from." This is a question that I'm sure each of our children will ask at some point in their lives. Reminding them that they came from God and are sons and daughters of a Heavenly King is so important in helping them understand their Divine Nature.

You're Here for a Reason

This book teaches us that every person matters. And why do we matter? Because we are each sons and daughters of God!

This heartwarming book shows us how our actions have so much more impact on the world than we could ever imagine. We are part of a world that is counting on us, and even on bad days we can remember that good things can happen and that we are important.

God loves us. He is so proud of us. We are his children!! Even on bad days... He loves us. Even when we make a mistake...He loves us. Even when we forget to pray... He loves us. He loves us always and forever. It is a part of our Divine Nature; we are important and we matter to the world and to God.

What are your favorite books for this value?
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  1. I think I remember Stellaluna from the library when I was little! These all sound absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for compiling these! I should just start stocking up so I have them all by the time I have a little person!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Emily! You're going to have quite the stash by the time you have a little one ;)


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