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With so many crazy things happening in the world, it is becoming more important every day that children learn to have faith. Faith can carry us through hard times and good times. It keeps us going when everything else seems to be falling apart. It helps us believe in something bigger than ourselves, a greater good. 

Here are four books I love that have undertones of Faith. Though none of them directly come out and say the word, they each have great messages that can be used to instill this value in our young children. 

The Velveteen Rabbit

This story is a classic for a reason. While it has a lot of text (there are abridged versions that are well done also), it is well worth the read. This little velveteen rabbit has faith that one day he will "become real" because the little boy loves him so much. When he gets left out in the rain his faith is shaken, but soon he does become real, in the little boys eyes, and learns he should have never doubted. The Velveteen Rabbit teaches us not to doubt our faith.

And Then It's Spring

"Faith is like a little seed. If planted it will grow." ("Faith," LDS Children's Songbook)
This cute story illustrates this point quite well. A little boy plants seeds in the fall. He waits and waits and hopes and waits. He worries about his little seeds, wondering why they haven't grown yet. And he wonders if they will ever grow. But he still hopes and goes and cares for the seeds even though they haven't sprouted yet. This is faith. You cannot see it, but if you keep taking care of your faith it will grow and blossom, much like this little boy's plants!

Where Do We Go When We Disappear?

With modern illustrations this book takes on the age old question, "where do we go when we disappear?" This book can lead to many discussions with children about faith. Just like faith, even when we can't see something it still exists.

A Penguin Story

A cute little penguin goes out on an arctic exploration purely on her faith that there must be something out there besides just black and white! Sure enough what she finds changes her life forever! This little penguin teaches us to have faith in things we cannot see and always wonder and believe. 

Uni The Unicorn

Uni is a unicorn that is told that there is no such thing as little girls. No matter what the grown ups say she refuses to give up hope, and keeps on believing. This sweet story of friendship teaches us to keep having faith in our dreams and beliefs. 

What are your favorite books about faith?
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  1. These books have such whimsical art! I am visiting from the Booknificent Thursday blog hop.
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  2. That "Uni the Unicorn book" looks so sweet! I loved the "Velveteen Rabbit" so much growing up and I think you're spot on about it's spectacular message! I would love to read "And Then It's Spring" one day to my future littles! What a message!

  3. I don't think I've ever thought of our children's books in terms of "faith." I will do so this week. Thanks for being a part of Booknificent Thursday this week!

  4. This is really a wonderful post.


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