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Back when I was deciding what I wanted to blog about I made a list of my passions. 

When I finally narrowed it down that I wanted my blog to be centered on BOOKS, then came the tricky part... how many book blogs are actually in the interweb? Was I just jumping in to an already over-saturated pool of book-loving bloggers??

So I researched... And though there are quite a few book blogs out there, I realized that very few were doing exactly what I wanted to do with my blog; at least few enough that I felt comfortable jumping in to swim in the blogging-pool with them!

As I've been blogging, I've found more and more book blogs... and have found a few that are pretty much my favorite blogs ever! This list has a bunch of different types of book blogs (not all book blogs are the same you know... we're like snowflakes), but they all have one thing in common- books are a big part if not their center.

To make it easier for you to find your next favorite blog, I've separated these book blogs into six different categories: "Quirky", "Book Club", "Lifestyle+Books", "Picture Books Only", "ALL About Books", and "Mostly Books." My absolute favorites (the ones I read regularly) are bolded

"Lifestyle+Books" Book Blogs

These blogs are the best mix if you're looking for book blogs with a heaping helping of lifestyle (those are my favorite kind of lifestyle blogs PS!) I truly trust what these bloggers have to say, and savor their book reviews like they are the last drop of water in a desert! Oh and they have great pictures too! 

A Blessed Nest 

I love her short monthly book review posts. See one HERE.

"Quirky" Book Blogs

These blogs aren't your average book blogs. They have a bit of off-the-wall-ness to them that is totally adorable and fun to read!

Quirk Books
Quirk Books is actually a publisher, but I've been enjoying their posts so much I had to share!

lit knit wit
A book and knitting blog?! Say What!? I love it!

"Book Club" Book Blogs

Ever wanted to start your own book club? Or wish you were in a book club but don't have any friends?? Then these book blogs are the place for you! They'll give you plenty of book club ideas and make you feel like you're in their book club!

I am actually in this book club and they are amazing! They publish their schedule for the whole year at the first of the year so you can read the books along with them and join in on the discussion via social media. 

"Picture-Books-Only" Book Blogs

make sure to click on the "book party" tab in the upper right corner ;)

"ALL about books" Book Blogs

"Books!! Books!! Books!!!"

See what I did there ;)

These book blogs are incredible resources... but I have no idea how they read so much! Post after post are book reviews... they're like the reader's digest of book blogs. You're going to hear about a lot of great and not-so-great books through these blogs. 

"Mostly Books" Book Blogs

These blogs are mostly book reviews but contain some personal posts as well. 

What are your favorite book blogs? I'd love to visit! Leave their links in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your list on Literacy Musing Mondays. It is really detailed. I am traveling through the links now. :)

  2. Great list! These are some of my favorite blogs and I'm checking out the ones I've never heard of too.

  3. I LOVE this list, and am so excited to peruse! It's so golden when you can find a book blog whose taste you trust, because heaven knows there is endless variety in book taste. And I'm so flattered to have made the list . . . and in bold no less ;-) Thanks for including me!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite book blogs. I love our community at the #LMMLinkup and have found many great book blog resources there. I also enjoy, and

  5. such a great resource for all of the book lovers out there!! thanks for stopping by, pretty lady!!


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