Paparazzi Ready: ALT Mini Party

Oh my word. I don't even know where to start with this post! There were so many amazing things at our Paparazzi Ready Alt Summit 2016 mini-party that I don't know what to show you! If you've been following along on instagram, you've seen some sneak peaks of our party as we put it together, as we threw the party, and as we cleaned up. It was a whirlwind of hard work and glam & I can't wait to dive in a little deeper with you and how you more about each part! 

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Let's start off with my team members. Our team was made up of three people:

Briana Johnson - Life Beats Project
Emily Smith- Modest Goddess
and ME!

Our talented friend, Melissa Esplin, wrote this on our chalkboard for us!

We entered this party idea in a contest for Alt Summit and they picked our party as one of 5 blogger parties for the Alt Summit 2016 conference in Salt Lake City, UT. 

We got a budget from our sponsor Maurices and were able to throw the vintage, hollywood glam party of our dreams! 

My partner, Briana, was the mastermind behind this party idea. She came up with the message that she wanted to help our guests feel like "the leading ladies of their own lives" (that's a quote from the movie The Holiday... my fave!) 

The Decor

This party was so fun because it took place in a room at the Grande America Hotel (a really fancy hotel); the chandeliers and mirrors and fixtures were all so beautiful and fit the glam of our party perfectly!

Most of the accent pieces came from my mom! She loves to collect antiques! The bistro chairs, stools, vintage sofas, & mirrors are hers! They fit in so perfectly with our party!

We also had a giant Marilyn Monroe picture accented with vintage jewelry that came from The Planted Earth Antique Store.  It was the perfect piece that tied the whole room together! (and of course my mom thought of it!)

Isn't this shot of The Freckled Fox and her hubby SO CUTE!?

The VIP Entrance

Guests entered the party on a red carpet edged with gold ropes! They were greeted by flashing lights, paparazzi, and a lighted VIP Entrance sign from My Cinema Light Box!

It set the mood for all our leading ladies perfectly!

Here I am posing on the red carpet in a Maeberry Vintage fur
& a Rent The Runway Dress that I paired with my Honey Slip!

You can see more about my dress & my Honey Slip on THIS POST.

The Vanities

The highlight of our party was 10 lighted hollywood vanities where guests sat to get their hair and makeup done by our stylists! 

The vanities were built by Briana's cousin. I hand-sprayed all the clear glass ornaments to look frosted (with this spray paint) and then stuck Christmas lights in the back to make them look like lightbulbs! Our sweet friends Jessika (JessikaLuzMakeup) and Elizabeth (MomStomp) helped us put them all together by drilling countless holes and hot-gluing the day away! Thanks so much ladies! We couldn't have put it together without you!

The Hair

Guests started by grabbing a menu printed by Pro Digital Photos of 5 different Vintage Hollywood hairstyles they could pick! Then they sat down on an antique bistro chair and got their "hair did" by one of our fab hairstylists!

Aren't these menus amazing!?

Here are some guests getting their hair done by H2Blow stylists!

Four of our hairstylists were from H2Blow
and our fifth stylist is Brittany from Tanglz Hair and Makeup.

Before our party started, I sat down with Brittany (Tanglz) and picked out a style from the menu. Then she did my hair!

The Makeup

Next the guests went to the makeup vanities. There they found another menu (printed by Prodigital photos) of 5 different vintage-hollywood-glam makeup styles they could choose from!

Sephora was the reason we were able to do such amazing things at these makeup vanities! They provided all the essentials for our makeup artists to work with, & sent one of their best MUAs to help us!

I can't rave enough about our talented makeup artists! They were so much fun to work with and such sweet girls all around. If you're ever in UT and need to be styled look these girls up! 

Natasha: @toshifire

The Photobooth

After the guests were "vintage-hollywood-glam-ified"... they stepped over to our gold-glitter-sequin photo booth, dawned some furs from Maeberry Vintage, and posed for their glamour shots!

We used Salty Booth for our photo booth. I love this booth because it is an open-air photo booth that allows you to text & email the picture to yourself right away.

My sweet dad came the day of the party and helped us add to the normal photo booth lighting to give the photos that old-hollywood-glamour-shot GLOW that is so iconic!

Our fiend Lindsey helped run the photo booth during the party (it helps to have an extra set of hands around!) ... She also has the cutest bags over at La Pionera (ps.)

A video posted by Cami Hall (@worthington_ave) on

A video posted by Cami Hall (@worthington_ave) on

Can we take a sec to talk about these Maeberry Vintage furs again?! Seriously, AMAZING!

The Paparazzi

A few times during the night my partners, friends, and I "disguised" ourselves in trench coats and hats from Hale Center Theater Costume Rentals and "paparazzi attacked" unsuspecting "stars!"

We had so much fun with this part of the night! We screamed and cheered for them, swarmed and asked them questions, and took "pictures" with Briana's vintage cameras! The trench coats and hats were the perfect touch and all the ladies were surprised! 

Some took on the roll REALLY well!

My friend Jaqueline captured a fun moment at our Paparazzi Ready mini-party for Alt Summit this weekend... THE PAPARAZZI...

My friend Jaqueline captured a fun moment at our Paparazzi Ready mini-party for Alt Summit this weekend... THE PAPARAZZI SWARM!!!!! 󾌴 my fellow party hosts and I, as well as friends, donned our Hale Centre Theatre Costume Rentals trench coats and hats and mobbed unsuspecting party guests several times that night to make them feel like real movie stars!! It was such a blast, and all our "celebrities" were such great sports!I've been posting the fun of our party on my Instagram all weekend! Follow along
Posted by Worthington Ave on Sunday, January 24, 2016


Throwing an Alt Summit Mini-Party was a WILD RIDE! But I had SO Much fun working with these to ladies right here, as well as all the other friends that helped, and I was so glad to make new friends with the Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists! 

I hope everyone that attended our party felt pampered and glamorous!

And those of you reading, I hope you feel pampered and glamorous vicariously ;) and look up some of the amazing artists and companies that helped us put our vision together!

Photography: Alt Summit & Diana Putnam Photography


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  1. I had so much fun planning this party with you! It turned out even better than I imagined!!


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