Worthington Reading List: A Book You Thought You'd Never Read

I was dreading working on this category... I mean who wants to read a book that they don't want to read, right??! But after finishing this book, I'm so happy I didn't put it off.

What I read:


I picked this book for "A Book I Thought I'd Never Read" because it was just that... I never thought I would read it. The book club I'm a member of, Delicious Reads, picked it as one of their books for 2016... and to say I wasn't excited about it was an understatement... Then as I was going through my Worthington Reading List for this year, I decided this would probably be a good one for this category... since I was already planning on skipping that month's book club meeting because I so didn't want to read it.

Here's why I didn't want to read it:

1) It's si-fi, which is not my fave.
2) I wasn't intrigued by the description... probably because of the si-fi-ness
3) I flipped through it at the store and was SUPER turned off by the "different" formatting.
4) It's like 600 pages long!

Here's why I'm glad I read it:

I actually ended up really liking this book! (I know, I'm surprised by this too!) Yes, it's si-fi and that part was a little over my head, but the love story was sweet and the book had a bit of a dystopian flair (which I love).

It took me about 40 pages to get "used" to the formatting... OK I never really got "used" to it... but it became easier to follow about 40 pages in. What I liked about the formatting was it was pretty much all action all the time. Because of the unique formatting there wasn't really any space for extra descriptions for fluff. INSTEAD the author uses unique text formations and diagrams to give more info for things that might take a whole chapter to describe in a traditional book. Because of this unique feature the book moves pretty quickly! The con of the formatting was I was wondering the whole book whether or not I missed something important... I felt like I understood (and liked!) the story, but because it wasn't in a format I'm used to I worried that something was lost on me (I guess I'll find out at our book club meeting!)

Overall, I enjoyed the book! There were some twists I didn't expect, and parts that left me gasping, laughing, or scared!

No one is more surprised than I am that "the book I thought I'd never read" turned out to be one I really enjoyed.

Should you read it: YES! It will push you out of your literary comfort zone, but I think it's worth it. And yes, it is 600 pages long, but it goes quickly!

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